Handmade treasures for you and your home!

What is Spunky Monkey DesignWorks?

Spunky Monkey DesignWorks was born from our love of making something old new again.   Our items are handmade from recycled and/or repurposed materials whenever possible.  We specialize in pallet wood pieces, railroad spike creations, natural soy upcycled wine and alcohol bottle candles, and custom orders.  We can create anything you can imagine!  Have an idea for a custom piece?  Email us at spunkymonkeydw [!at] gmail.com and tell us about it.  

Why Spunky Monkey?

Many people are stumped by our name. They like it but it doesn't describe what we do. Our name came to us one afternoon while watching our fur baby run as fast as he could in circles after a bath. Gizmo, our 6 year old Japanese Chin, has always been full of spunk. We started calling him Monkey years ago and that afternoon I said he was a "Spunky Monkey." The rest is history. So, basically we named our company after the dog and it fit. The definition of spunky is courageous and determined and monkey means playful and fun. That describes us both. He is the Monkey and I am the Spunky. Together we are Spunky Monkey.

Our Team
Tim - The Brawn
Tim has spent 25+ years in construction, completing multi-million dollar jobs from start to finish. His ability to build anything is THE biggest asset for Spunky Monkey. Tim is lighthearted and fun. He is the Monkey in Spunky Monkey.

Darlena - The Eye
Darlena has over 20 years of combined experience in non-profit fundraising, marketing, design and sales.  She is the "eye" and creative mastermind behind Spunky Monkey.  Darlena is continuously working to create the best product possible. She is the Spunky in Spunky Monkey.

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